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This is My Story

My name is Katie Skoog and designing is my passion. I am a mom to four precious girls, wife to an amazing husband, creative soul and fabric hoarder. I started sewing when I was pregnant with Emma. I was determined to make her a quilt, and I did! Once I finished that, I couldn’t stop. I was a “hard core” quilter and fabric obsessed. One day I made my oldest a dress and I was so proud of it (it was HIDEOUS!) haha. My search for classy and modern patterns didn’t turn up much so I started creating my own designs. Simple Life Pattern Company was born shortly after that. I wanted to provide beautiful designs that are practical for everyday wear.

I was born and raised in Arizona and a few years ago we moved to the frigid state of North Dakota. We had a really nice lifestyle there but decided we didn’t want to raise our kids in the city, so we sold everything, moved across the country and are now living the “simple life” in a small town. As much as I complain about the cold (and wind), I love where we live and happy to raise our kids in this community.

I am a mom to four little girls that you will often see throughout the listings. Emma, is a sweet creative soul, just like mommy. She loves art and design and is always drawing up new designs for me to make her. Rayann is my spunky, music loving free spirit. She will be a pop star when she grows up and can throw out a song in a moments notice. Jaimesyn is my sensitive cuddle bug who loves being outdoors. She loves wearing momma made and always loves being in front of the camera. Ayda, my crazy but oh so sweet baby loves exploring. She loves being around her sisters and is always trying to keep up with them.

With the amazing support from my husband, Ryan, we took this passion of mine and turned it into a reality that neither of us expected. He has supported me through the 16 hour work days, always being there when I need him. Without him, there would be no SLPco.

If you ever wonder how I do it all, I don’t…. haha. My house is always a mess, there are 15 loads of laundry to do everyday, even if it was all done the day before. I do enough to keep my sanity, then the hubs steps in and helps with the rest. Not a perfect system, but it works for us.